Flexible Rules
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FlexibleRules Framework

Download: FlexibleRulesFramework.jar (Rev.1106, Wed 28 Apr 2010), contains compiled classes and sources

License: GPL3. FlexibleRulesFramework contains icons from the Gartoon iconset, copyright of Zeus Box (zeussama@gmail.com), released under the GPL license. and icons from the GNOME Project iconset, copyright of the GNOME Project, released under the GPL license.

Requirements: Java JRE 6 (download here)

Remarks: the FlexibleRules framework works under Linux and Windows but there are known issues with OSX.


Please refer to Language API, or to the Tutorials pages.
Additonal documentation coming soon!!!

Example Games

To run a game, extract the contents of the Zip archive into a folder, run the FlexibleRulesFramework.jar file (either by double-clicking on it or by running java -jar FlexibleRulesFramework.jar). Click on Load an existing game and select the .game found in the game directory. Finally press the Play button.

Awele: Awele.zip

Tic Tac Toe:


Connect 4:

Snakes And Ladders:

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